Shanthari produces primarily cut-to-size variants in Slates, Sandstones, Limestones, Granites and other natural stones for various applications in home building, commercial and construction industry around the globe.


Polishing at Shanthari is done through 8-Stage process using different abrasives with skilled and trained personnel to meet World standards with right facility and atmosphere. Honing and Brushing is also done at the same bay using different abrasives and tooling imported from Italy.

Double Edge Cutting machine is used at Shanthari to bring out precision and perfect corners on the products (90 degrees).

Tumbling machine : To bring out rolled, eased and battered edges giving the surface an antique look. Machine itself is imported from reputed manufacturer KROMAS of TURKEY and different imported media from Italy are used to bring out different surface and edge finishes during the tumbling process.

Flaming for stones at Shanthari is done by highly skilled operators and equipment imported from world famous manufacturer “PELLIGRINI” of Italy.

Bush Hammering for stones at Shanthari is done by highly skilled personnel and equipment imported from world famous manufacturer “PELLIGRINI” of Italy using precise carbide tools, that too are imported from Italy.

Corner Cutting machine : Special cutting machine to cut corner pieces from small stone blocks, unlike regular flat dimension stone. The product is an angular piece normally 90 degrees which are used on corners of the building for cladding.

Sand-Blasting : Impact surface finishing with a dotted pattern, the rock is blasted at high pressure and speed by a mixture using sand based abrasives material, corundum, metal shots, glass beads, etc or a combination of suitably dosed abrasives, in both cases with or without water as media, using sand blasting machine of reputed brand.

Calibration Machine : Mechanical removal of material from the surface of a semi-finished product to ensure the absolute flatness uniform thickness within pre-defined tolerance limits

Single Edge Cutting Machine : Machine with a diamond disc used for dimension sawing and cutting to size for semi- finished and finished stone products.

Gang-saw machine : The gang saw machines imported from Italy work on the rectilinear long run motion for cutting and sizing large rough blocks of granite. The blades slice their way through the squared blocks resulting in granite slabs of standard thickness of 2 cms and 3 cms, accepted internationally.

Polishing Line : In the Granite Processing Complex at shanthari is our 16 head granite polishing machine used for polishing granite slabs immaculately. The end products are large and sparkling slabs of granite in all the natural colours.

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