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Welcome To Shanthari Exports Pvt Ltd

The Shanthari Exports Pvt. Ltd.'s management, staff and workers having wide “experience curve” and “learning scale” both in corporate and operational performance level has placed on record the steady 100% business growth every year.

Our Core Strength is the Product Quality Par Excellence maintained with consistency at 4.5 sigma level (long term); thus we have built the fortress of customer loyalty and stood out the competitive market at maturity stage of Product Life Cycle. These along with the strategic planning, innovative processes and tech-savvy management, expanding the business through Vertical Integration as well as Horizontal Integration (acquisition of processing plants) have created the USP's of our organization.

Top Management is the combination of the Executive Management and Quality Leadership Team. Executive Management’s decade-long experience curve in industry is committed to the development and implementation of Business Strategies; and Quality Leadership team pledges to meet company-wide quality improvement and customer satisfaction objectives.

Our all-time focus in Corporate Scorecard being the INNOVATION in Process and Product always ensures high efficiency and least possible wastage in manufacturing and logistics through Lean Sigma Management and assures the customers of Best Pricing Structure

Our batteries of process/ manufacturing lines are comprised of the modern machineries, imported from: USA, GERMANY, ITALY and TURKEY being operated by highly skilled and self-motivated workers

We pride ourselves in maintaining Corporate social responsibility along with the business Continuity Plan/Disaster Recovery and HSE (Health, safety and Environment) System Implementation

Our contribution to Green Energy by Water Recycling and Filtration System for all Wastes generated by manufacturing processes, and Control of Air Pollution was applauded through Quality Management System Award on ISO 9001:2008 by American Accredited Body.

Our SAP / ERP Software Management System keeps on monitoring and analysing the outcomes at every process stage from Planning, Purchase, Production to Shipping with instant TWO-WAY communication, and response in split-second to Customer Calls.

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Icon Brown Quarry

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Italian Machinery

Shanthari Factory

Shanthari Factory


Packing at Shanthari is done in wooden crates made out of pine wood imported from New Zealand and Australia. The imported wood is subjected to seasoning / Kiln Drying and treated before it reaches Shanthari which helps reducing the absorption of moisture during transit to other countries and at the same time inhibiting the formation of fungus. In fact, in today’s customers’ needs, Shanthari conforms to all CTPAT requirements. Apart from the wooden crates, packaging of tiles with eco-friendly corrugated boxes of specified GSM/bursting strength are done through Box-strapping machines imported from Germany, leaders in packaging industry.


Quality is checked by self inspection and patrol inspection at every stage of production; and “off specification” material is rejected without any compromise even if there is found any single minor flaw. Every tile shipped at Shanthari is checked through the expert hands of Quality Control Inspectors with calibrated Vernier Callipers for thickness and ensuring accuracy of 90° corners on proper Quality Control Table.


Due to a high volume of exports, Shanthari has secured bulk freight contracts with the world's best shipping lines. This implies the lowest possible shipping costs to our customers. All products are stuffed in Wooden Pallets and Stamped. Custom requirements are met by stamping and attaching the packing list to every crate. Once all crates are ready, Container is brought to Shanthari’s Loading Dock. Immediately the container will be checked for its cleanliness and total absence of moisture or dust; and cleaned completely by air compressor. Using a forklift all wooden crates with cargo will be loaded and cross checked. Once the container is ready for closing its doors and sealing, which is done right at Shanthari’s premises itself instead of a public Yard on the security point of view, all documents are verified before the container is released to proceed to the port.


We maintain adequately controlled inventory to ensure a short turn-around time in execution of orders offering the wide choice of assorting various materials.

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